What We Are About

Who Are We

Reach Youth Services is an identified service provider for the Manitoba Department of Families, Children and Youth Division and various Child and Family Services agencies.

We Are a Member

Reach Youth Services is an active member of the Manitoba Association of Community Care Providers (MACCP) and works alongside partner organizations on shared priorities.

Our Commitment

Reach Youth Services has committed to piloting the Equitable Standards Evaluation Model, a collaborative framework developed by the National Council of Youth in Care Advocates.

Our Mandate

To provide service and care that respects individual culture, spirituality, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.
To ensure staff are qualified and exemplify the values consistent with best practices in youth care and community support.
To conduct intakes and assessments for each youth in our care and provide ongoing planning, therapeutic supports, referrals, and interventions as deemed appropriate by the youth and sources of support.
To work closely and collaboratively with all sources of support.
To adhere to legislation, licensing regulations and standards, as well as best practices in all our work and interactions.
To remain committed to continuous improvement through strategic planning, evaluation and reporting to our stakeholders.

Our History

Reach Youth Services opened doors in May 2015, as a licensed care facility for adolescent males and expanded to provide independent living supports shortly thereafter. Our founders and leadership team has extensive knowledge and experience working within systems to support youth and families with complex needs and those facing multiple barriers..

This knowledge and experience provides an understanding of complex systems, relevant research & literature, policies and legislation that inform our approach using best practices in youth care.  Over the years we have built a strong team that shares our values to provide stability, continuity and lasting relationships with the youth we are privileged to support. 

Our Values

Strength-based interventions and the belief that all people have unique gifts, talents, and skills. Support plans should build upon these strengths. 

Person-centered approach recognizes the individual is the most important (often untapped) resource who should be at the center of all care plans. We believe youth will have greater ownership when they are provided the freedom to express their ideas and experiences and set their own goals. 

A trauma-informed perspective recognizes the impact of trauma as lasting and profound, and understands trauma is often the root of presenting challenges. 

Multi-system planning and integrated service delivery coordinates all supports and service providers to ensure interventions are meaningful, consistent, and complimentary. 

An acknowledgement of history and the Indigenous experience and the impact of Colonization, Residential Schools, 60’s Scoop and ongoing systemic factors that contribute to the overrepresentation of Indigenous children, youth and families in social systems.